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ENTR’ACTE D’AMOUR DE SOI, 自己愛性の間奏曲, 上野悠河

ENTR’ACTE D’AMOUR DE SOI (2018) (Remastered 2020)


① Synthesizer Minstrel, in Summer
シンセサイザー・ミンストレルの夏 〈2018〉
② Bicycle Song
自転車の歌 〈2017〉
③ Entr’acte d’amour de soi
自己愛性の間奏曲 〈2018〉
④ [additional track] Rural Walk jazz for 15 percussionists
15人の打楽器奏者のための、ルーラル・ヲーク・ジャズ 〈2016〉
Yuga Soma-Uéno: Playing & Direction(①-④), Composition(④), 
YAMAHA DX-27 Synthesizer(①), 
Multi Percussion & Bicycle(②), 
Piano & Suspended Cymbals(③), 
Marimba etc.(④), 
Chiba Prefectural Makuhari Sohgoh Highschool Symphonic Orchestra Club (Percussion) (④)
About the Diffident Boy, for the his Arms, Elbows and Palms just named Untitled (Piano Solo Improvisation Playing)

Piano, Sound eng., Graphic design: Yuga Soma-Uéno

Suki for Piano (2020)

"漉き" ピアノのための

Bye, Bay (2020)

one minute short film

MZ017 back movie Perfect Drug  (2019)

0:00 Noise 

0:35 Formally - Depression of Holden (1-2-3) 

3:48 Vertical City

5:00 Intersection (Vertical City and Horizontal Letters) 

5:48 Unknown Jitter

6:36 Depression of Holden (4)

7:00 Intersection

7:24 Chaotic Intersection / Noise

7:48 Un-formally